Company overview

Shahin’s Help – Line is a consultancy firm, tries to help Non-Government Organization (NGO) & SME Entrepreneurs/Uddokta. In our country there are many small NGOs & Entrepreneurs/Uddokta, who try to work sincerely for the betterment of people but they do not have enough resources to communicate with others agencies. Shahin’s Help Line provide services as a resources center.

Consultancy firm specializes in NGO and Entrepreneurship.

Our Services

For Entrepreneurs (SME Sector) :

  • Help to prepare Trade License Application;
  • Help to prepare BSTI Standard Certification Application;
  • Help to prepare Trade Mark/Patent Application;
  • Help to prepare Export & Import Certification Application;
  • Help to prepare Joint Stock Company Application;
  • Help to prepare e-TIN Registration/Re-registration;
  • Prepare Entrepreneurs/Business Related Training Module;
  • Conduct Entrepreneurs/Business Related Training;
  • Prepare Power Point Presentation;
  • Help to Prepare Copy Right Registration;
  • Help to Prepare Income TAX and VAT Return;
  • Help to E-Tender Registration and Submission;
  • Help to Prepare Company Profile;
  • Help to prepare E-Commerce Marketing;
  • Etc.

For Non-Government organization (NGO) :

  • Provide Resource Mobilization Unit (RMU) Service;
  • Prepare Project Proposal (PP);
  • Prepare Project Concept Note (PCN);
  • Prepare Expression of Interest (EoI);
  • Prepare Annual Report, Project Closure Report etc;.
  • Prepare Power Point Presentation;
  • Prepare Organizational Development (OD) Program;
  • Help to Prepare Joint Stock Registration Application;.
  • Prepare development sector related Training Module;
  • Conduct development sector related Training;
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For consulting help, feel free to contact us.

Thanks Sahin for your continous contributions for creating Entrepreneur.

Md. Sabur Khan
President, Daffodil Group